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Modifier UB, UC, UA - Billing Guidelines

Modifier  Description
UB Medically necessary delivery prior to 39 weeks of gestation
UC Delivery at 39 weeks of gestation or later
UA Nonmedically necessary delivery prior to 39 weeks of gestation

EED Policy Components

•  GAMMIS is being configured to link practitioners’ induction and delivery claims to the hospital’s induction and delivery claims

•  Induction and delivery claims that are submitted with medical conditions that do not warrant an exception for an induction or delivery prior to 39 weeks gestation will deny payment

•  For non-medically necessary deliveries:–  The practitioner’s claim will fully deny–  The hospital’s claim will deny for the induction and/or delivery portion

•  Practitioners and hospitals may submit an appeal for the denial (DMA 520-A form) to the DCH Medicaid peer review organization, Georgia Medical Care Foundation

•  Compliance will be monitored by DCH and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services through Georgia’s reporting of the Early Elective Deliveries measure 14 found in the Initial Core Set of Health Quality Measures for Medicaid Eligible Adults

•  These specifications contain the same exclusions as the JCAHO list of exclusions•  CY 12 data will serve as the baseline for this CMS measure

Purpose of EED Policy

•  Guide providers and hospitals to sound practice recommendations made by ACOG and others
•  Reduce morbidity in neonates from birth trauma and fetal immaturity
•  Reduce non-medically necessary deliveries less than 39 weeks gestation
•  Encourage greater collaborations between hospitals and their physicians in developing quality improvement initiatives aimed at improving birth outcomes

Modifier/condition codes needed for maternity services/obstetric delivery - Unicare insurance billing

This provider bulletin is an update to information in the provider manual. For access to the latest manual, go to www.UniCare.com.West Virginia is ranked 44thby America’s Health Rankings for infant mortality; nearly eight (7.4) of every 1,000 children die before their first birthday. Infant mortality is a multi factorial health problem, and improving West Virginia’s infant mortality rate will require a multifaceted approach. One of the approaches of UniCare Health Plan of West Virginia, Inc. (UniCare)is to reduce early elective deliveries (EEDs) prior to 39 weeks of gestation. The initiative of reducing EEDs has received national attention from many organizations, including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the March of Dimes, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), and The Joint Commission.

Additionally, many West Virginia hospitals and their medical staffs have responded to this initiative by adopting policies that ensure early inductions and cesarean deliveries are medically necessary. UniCare is aligning its obstetric services policy with the goal of improving neonatal and maternal health outcomes. Deliveries that occur prior to 39 weeks, either due to spontaneous labor or as the result of a medically-indicated induction or cesarean section, will continue to remain covered; however,for claims to pay, a modifier or condition code is needed. Deliveries prior to 39 weeks, unless documented as a medical necessity or spontaneous labor, are not a covered benefit.

* Effective for dates of service on or after October 1, 2016,UniCare will require the above modifiers to be used when submitting a claim,or the claim will deny.

Effective for dates of admission on or after October 1, 2016, the following condition codes will be required on the CMS1450 (UB-04)claim form when billing for obstetric delivery services. Condition codes are to be placed in fields 18-24 of theCMS1450 (UB-04)claim form.

Condition code  Description

81 Cesarean sections or inductions performed at less than 39 weeks’ gestation for medical necessity

82 Cesarean sections or inductions performed at less than 39 weeks’ gestation electively

83 Cesarean sections or inductions performed at 39 weeks’ gestation or greater

 Coding for Maternity Care - Medicaid Guidelines

Gestational Age

Providers are required to report the gestational age of the fetus by using the appropriate ICD-10 diagnosis codes Z3A.00 through Z3A.49 on all delivery claims.

Modifier UC

Providers are required to append modifier UC on claims of deliveries 39 weeks or less that are medically necessary or on deliveries 39 weeks or more, whether spontaneous or elective.  If the modifier “UC” is not appended to the claim, it is understood that the claim was for an early elective delivery less than 39 weeks and 0 days and will be denied.  Providers are responsible for ensuring that the codes (and modifiers when applicable) submitted for reimbursement accurately
reflect the diagnosis and procedure(s) reported.

Modifier 22

All obstetrical and delivery procedure codes submitted with modifier 22 require submission of documentation (e.g., operative report) for review prior to payment.  Services for enhanced payment with the 22 modifier include multiple gestations or complications during the delivery which place the mother or fetus at risk of adverse outcome.

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