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CPT g0180 - Care plan oversight services

Care Plan Oversight Services

Care Plan Oversight (CPO) is physician supervision of patients under either the home health or hospice benefit where the patient requires complex or multi-disciplinary care requiring ongoing physician involvement. Medicare does not pay for care plan oversight services for nursing facility or skilled nursing facility patients.

Separate payment is allowed for the services involved in physician certification/re-certification and development of a plan of care for Medicare covered home health services.

Submit HCPCS code G0179 for re-certification after a patient has received services for at least 60 days (or one certification period). HCPCS code G0179 may be reported only once every 60 days, except in the rare situation when the patient starts a new episode before 60 days elapses and requires a new plan of care to start a new episode.

Submit HCPCS code G0180 when the patient has not received Medicare covered home health services for at least 60 days. The initial certification (HCPCS code G0180) cannot be filed on the same date of service as the supervision service HCPCS codes (G0181 or G0182).

G0179: MD re-certification HHA PT

G0180: MD certification HHA patient

G0181: Home health care supervision

G0182: Hospice care supervision

How to submit a claim

Submit CPT codes 99201-99263 and 99281-99357 only when there has been a face-to-face meeting/encounter

HHA / Hospice Provider Number: The requirement to include the HHA or Hospice provider number on a care plan oversight claim for HCPCS codes G0181 and G0182 is waived until further notice, and as a result, claims submitted with the number will be rejected.

Dates of service: for HCPCS codes G0181 and G0182, submit the first and last date during which documented care planning services were actually provided during the calendar month.

Do not submit the first and last calendar date of the month unless services were provided on those dates)
Submit the claim after the end of the month in which the service is performed

Report care planning only once per calendar month

Report only one month's services per line item

Dates of service: for HCPCS codes G0179 and G0180, submit the date physician signed the certification or re-certification


Claims for care plan oversight services will be denied when review of the beneficiary claims history fails to identify a covered physician service requiring a face-to-face encounter by the same physician during the six months preceding the provision of the first care plan oversight service
Medical records for these service must indicate:
The physician spent 30 minutes or more for countable care planning activities
The specific service furnished, including the date and length of time

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