Thursday, March 13, 2014

Some F CPT code and description

Category II Code Description

0509F  Urinary incontinence plan of care documented
0518F  Falls plan of care documented
0521F  Plan of care to address pain documented
1031F  Smoking status and exposure to second hand smoke in the home assessed
1032F  Current tobacco smoker OR currently exposed to secondhand smoke
1033F  Current tobacco non-smoker AND not currently exposed to secondhand smoke
1034F  Current tobacco smoker
1035F  Current smokeless tobacco user (chew, snuff)
1036F  Current tobacco non-user
1090F  Presence or absence of urinary incontinence assessed
1091F  Urinary incontinence characterized (frequency, volume, timing, symptoms)
1100F  Patient screened for fall risk; 2 or more falls in last year or fall with injury in last year
1101F  Patient screened for fall risk; no falls in last year or 1 fall with no injury in last year
1111F  Discharge medications reconciled with the current medication list in outpatient medical record
1125F  Pain severity quantified, pain present
1126F  Pain severity quantified, no pain present
1157F  Advance care plan or similar legal document present in medical record
1158F  Advance care planning discussion documented in medical record
1159F  Medication list documented in medical record
1160F  Review of all meds by prescriber or clinical pharmacists documented in med record
1170F  Functional status assessed
2022F  Dilated retinal eye exam interpreted by ophthalmologist/optometrist documented/reviewed
2024F  7 standard filed stereoscopic photos w/interpretation by eye professional documented/reviewed
2026F  Eye imaging validated to match dx from 7 std stereoscopic photos results documented/reviewed
3044F  Most recent HbA1c level less than 7.0%
3045F  Most recent HbA1c level between 7.0 – 9.0%
3046F  Most recent HbA1c level greater than 9.0%
3008F  BMI documented
3048F  Most recent LDL-C <100 dl="" mg="" nbsp="" p="">3049F  Most recent LDL-C 100-129 mg/dL
3050F  Most recent LDL-C >= 130 mg/dL
3060F  Positive microalbuminuria test result documented and reviewed
3061F  Negative microalbuminuria test result documented and reviewed
3062F  Positive microalbuminuria test result documented & reviewed (confirm + with lab results)
3066F  Documentation of tx for nephropathy (dialysis, ESRD, CRF, ARF, renal insufficiency, nephrologist visit)
3072F  Low risk for retinopathy (no evidence of retinopathy in prior year)
3074F  Most recent systolic blood pressure <130 hg="" mm="" nbsp="" p="">3075F  Most recent systolic blood pressure 130-139 mm Hg
3077F  Most recent systolic blood pressure >=140 mm Hg
3078F  Most recent diastolic blood pressure <80 hg="" mm="" nbsp="" p="">3079F  Most recent diastolic blood pressure 80-89 mm Hg
3080F  Most recent diastolic blood pressure >=90 mm Hg
3725F  Screening for depression performed
4000F  Tobacco use cessation intervention, counseling
4001F  Tobacco use cessation intervention, pharmacologic therapy
4004F  Screened for tobacco use & received cessation intervention, counseling, &/or pharmacotherapy
4009F/4010F  ACEI or ARB therapy prescribed or currently being taken (4009F for 2011, 4010F for 2012)  

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