Friday, January 6, 2012


CPT CODE: 82607 - (cyanocobalamin) Chemistry test - quantitative analysis of serum vitamin B12 levels.


123.4 Diphyllobothriasis, intestinal, fish tapeworm infection

151.0-151.9 Malignant neoplasm of stomach

238.7 Myelodysplastic syndrome

266.2 Other B-complex deficiencies

269.9 Unspecified nutritional deficiency

281.0-281.1 Pernicious anemia; other vitamin B12 deficiency anemia

281.3 Other specified megaloblastic anemias not elsewhere classified

281.9 Unspecified deficiency anemia

288.0 Agranulocytosis

289.8 Macrocytosis

290.0-290.9 Senile and pre-senile organic psychotic conditions

294.10-294.11 Dementia in conditions classified elsewhere

294.8-294.9 Other specified and unspecified organic brain syndromes (chronic)

310.1 Organic personality syndrome

333.99 Restless legs

336.2 Subacute combined degeneration of spinal cord

356.4-356.9 Idiopathic progressive, peripheral neuropathy, specified,unspecified

357.4 Polyneuropathy in other diseases classified elsewhere

529.0 Glossitis

529.6 Glossodynia (painful tongue)

535.10-535.11 Atrophic gastritis

555.0-555.9 Regional enteritis

564.2 Post-gastric surgery syndromes

577.1 Chronic pancreatitis

579.0-579.9 Intestinal malabsorption

751.1 Atresia and stenosis of small intestine

780.71-780.79 Chronic fatique syndrome; other malaise and fatigue

781.1 Disturbance of sensation of smell and taste

781.2 Abnormal gait

781.3 Lack of coordination

782.0 Disturbance of skin sensation

E934.1 Adverse effect of antianemic agents

V44.2 Ileostomy

V44.4 Other artificial opening of gastrointestinal tract

V45.3 Intestinal bypass or anastomosis status

V45.75 Acquired absence, stomach

V45.89 Other post-surgical status

V58.83 Encounter for therapeutic drug monitoring

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