Monday, July 12, 2010

Modifier G8 and G9

The Health Care Finance Administration has developed two temporary modifiers to report monitored anesthesia care. It is up to the carrier to recognize these modifiers for anything other than informational.

These modifiers went into effect on 7-1-99. However the use of the new modifier G8 with code 00300 became effective on 01-01-00 Guidelines for use of modifiers:
G8 modifier: MAC for deep, complex, complicated or markedly invasive procedures.
  • Should be used with ASA codes 00100 /00300 / 00400 / 00160 /00532/ 00920.
  • Should be reported with the appropriate anesthesia payment modifier ex. AA,QX,AB etc being listed first.
  • Don't use with the QS modifier ex. AA, G8

G9 modifier: MAC for patients who have a history of severe cardiopulmonary conditions.
  • May be used in association with QS modifier.
  • Must also have the anesthesia payment modifier placed first.
  • Must be billed with the appropriate ICD9 code to support medical necessity. Ex AA,QS,G9
If you have not received notice from your carrier as to their specific policy or the new modifiers, it would be advisable to obtain a written copy for your office.

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