Friday, June 11, 2010

Part - A Level I Modifiers 77 - Repeat procedure by another physician.

Part - A  Level I Modifiers 77

Description Repeat procedure by another physician.

Required for Claims
Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS)

Type of Bill: 12X, 13X

Coding Guidelines
Generally applied to surgical (CPT 10000-69990), radiological procedures (CPT 70010-79999) and other diagnostic services (CPT 90281-99569)

General Guidelines

A. Modifier –77 is used for a procedure that was performed that had to be repeated by a different physician in a different session on the same day.

B. The procedure code is listed once and then listed again with the modifier –77 added to any subsequent procedure(s). Each time the procedure was repeated should be reported on separate lines.

C. Do not use the units field to indicate that the procedure was performed more than once on the same day.

D. If you are not sure who ordered the second procedure, or whether the same physician ordered the both procedures, code based on the physician who performed the procedure(s).

E. The repeated procedure MUST be the same procedure.

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  1. what is appropriate if 3 EKG's are done on the same DOS, 2 by one MD and then 1 by a different MD. How do you apply the 76/77 modifier.


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