Thursday, June 17, 2010

HCPCS 2010 Short Description Changes

HCPCS 2010 Short Description Changes

Code            Short Description Change

C9359 Implnt,bon void filler-putty
G0379 Direct refer hospital observ
G8456 Current smkless tobacco user
G8492 Periop Care measures grp
G8496 Prev Care MG qual act perfrm
G8502 Back Pain MG qual act perfrm
L8691 Osseointegrated snd proc rpl
16036 Escharotomy; addl incision
22522 Percut vertebroplasty addl
22534 Lat thor/lumb, addl seg
31632 Bronchoscopy/lung bx, addl
31633 Bronchoscopy/needle bx addl
34826 Endovasc exten prosth, addl
46257 Remove in/ex hem grp & fiss
46261 Remove in/ex hem grps & fiss
46270 Remove anal fist subq
46285 Remove anal fist 2 stage
50205 Renal biopsy open
61868 Implant neuroelectrde, addl
63043 Laminotomy, addl cervical
63044 Laminotomy, addl lumbar
76802 Ob us < 14 wks, addl fetus
78290 Meckels divert exam
88045 Coroners autopsy (necropsy)
88332 Path consult intraop, addl
95967 Meg, evoked, each addl
99292 Critical care, addl 30 min
0519F Pland chemo docd b/4 txmnt
0520F Rad dos limts b/4 3d rad
0521F Plan of care 4 pain docd
0528F Rcmnd flw-up 10 yrs docd
0529F Intrvl 3+yrs pts clnscp docd
0535F Dyspnea mngmnt plan docd
0540F Gluco mngmnt plan docd
1040F Dsm-iv• info mdd docd
1060F Doc perm/cont/parox atr fib
1100F Ptfalls assess-docd ge2+/yr
1101F Pt falls assess-docd le1/yr
2030F H2o stat docd, normal
2031F H2o stat docd, dehydrated
3022F Lvef >=40% systolic
3027F Spirom fev/fvc>=70%/w/o copd
3035F O2 saturation<=88% /pao<=55
3042F Fev>=40% predicted value
3050F Ldl-c >= 130 mg/dl
3073F Pre-surg eye measures docd
3077F Syst bp >= 140 mm hg6 it
3080F Diast bp >= 90 mm hg
3093F Doc new diag 1st/addl mdd
3095F Central dexa results docd
3110F Doc pres/absn hmrhg/lesion
3140F Upper gi endo shows barrtts
3141F Upper gi endo not barrtts
3218F Rna tstng hep c docd-done
3281F Hgb lvl < 11 g/dl
3284F IOP down>=15% of pre-svc lvl
3288F Fall risk assessment docd
4005F Pharm thx for op rxd
4055F Pt rcvng periton dialysis
4056F Approp oral rehyd recommd
4062F Pt referral psych docd
4067F Pt referral for ect docd
4070F Dvt prophylx recvd day 2
4084F Aspirin recvd w/in 24 hrs
4100F Biphos thxpy vein ord/recvd
4110F Int mam art used for cabg
4120F Antibiot rxd/given
4124F Antibiot not rxd/given
4165F 3d-crt/imrt) received
4172F Pt not rcvng esa thxpy
4181F Conformal radn thxpy rcvd
4248F Pt instr•no bd rest>= 4 days
5050F Plan 2 main dr by 1 month

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