Thursday, June 17, 2010

HCPCS 2010 Discontinued and deleted CPT Codes

HCPCS 2010 Discontinued Codes

Deleted Codes/ Modifier    Short Description

A4365 Adhesive remover wipes
A6200 Compos drsg <=16 no border
A6201 Compos drsg >16<=48 no bdr
A6202 Compos drsg >48 no border
A6542 Gc stocking custom made
A6543 Gc stocking lymphedema
A9535 Injection, methylene blue
A9605 Sm 153 lexidronm
C9245 Injection, romiplostim
C9246 Inj, gadoxetate disodium
C9247 Inj, iobenguane, I-123, dx
C9249 Inj, certolizumab pegol
C9251 Inj, C1 esterase inhibitor
C9252 Injection, plerixafor
C9253 Injection, temozolomide
E1340 Repair for DME, per 15 min
E2223 Valve replacement only each
E2393 Valve, pneumatic tire tube
E2399 Noc interface
G0392 AV fistula or graft arterial
G0393 AV fistula or graft venous
G8503 Doc proph antibx w/in 1 hr
G8504 Doc ord pro antbx w/in 1 hr
G8505 No doc proph antibx w/in 1hr
G8512 Pain sev quant present
G8513 ABI meas & doc
G8514 PT inelig; ABI measure
G8515 No ABI measurement
G8516 Scrn fal rsk >2 fal or w/inj
G8517 Scrn fall rsk; <2 falls
G8521 Antplt recd 48 hrs & disch
G8522 Pt inelig; antiplt therapy
G8523 Antplt not recd reas no spec
G8527 Doc ord antimic prophy
G8528 Pt inelig; proph antibiot
G8529 No doc ord antimic prophy
G8533 Partic in clin data base reg
J0460 Atropine sulfate injection
J0530 Penicillin g benzathine inj
J0540 Penicillin g benzathine inj
J0550 Penicillin g benzathine inj
J0835 Inj cosyntropin per 0.25 MG
J1565 RSV-ivig
J7322 Synvisc inj per dose
J9170 Docetaxel injection
L0210 Thoracic rib belt
L1800 Knee orthoses elas w stays
L1815 Elastic with condylar pads
L1825 Ko elastic knee cap
L1901 Prefab ankle orthosis
L2770 Low ext orthosis per bar/jnt
L3651 Prefab shoulder orthosis
L3652 Prefab dbl shoulder orthosis
L3700 Elbow orthoses elas w stays
L3701 Prefab elbow orthosis
L3909 Prefab wrist orthosis
L3911 Prefab hand finger orthosis
L6639 Heavy duty elbow feature
Q2023 Xyntha, inj
Q2024 Bevacizumab injection
Q4080 Iloprost non-comp unit dose
S0162 Injection efalizumab
S0345 Home ecg monitrng global 24h
S0346 Home ecg monitrng tech 24hr
S0347 Home ecg monitrng prof 24hr
S0605 Digital rectal examination,
S8190 Electronic spirometer
01632 Anesth, surgery of shoulder
14300 Skin tissue rearrangement
23221 Partial removal of humerus
23222 Partial removal of humerus
24151 Extensive humerus surgery
24153 Extensive radius surgery
26255 Extensive hand surgery
26261 Extensive finger surgery
27079 Extensive hip surgery
29220 Strapping of low back
36145 Artery to vein shunt
36834 Repair A-V aneurysm
45170 Excision of rectal lesion
46210 Removal of anal crypt
46211 Removal of anal crypts
46937 Cryotherapy of rectal lesion
46938 Cryotherapy of rectal lesion
51772 Urethra pressure profile
51795 Urine voiding pressure study
63660 Revise/remove neuroelectrode
64470 Inj paravertebral c/t
64472 Inj paravertebral c/t add-on
64475 Inj paravertebral l/s
64476 Inj paravertebral l/s add-on
75558 Cardiac mri flow/velocity
75560 Cardiac mri flow/vel/stress
75562 Card mri flow/vel w/dye
75564 Ht mri w/flo/vel/strs & dye
75790 Visualize A-V shunt
78460 Heart muscle blood, single
78461 Heart muscle blood, multiple
78464 Heart image (3d), single
78465 Heart image (3d), multiple
78478 Heart wall motion add-on
78480 Heart function add-on
82307 Assay of vitamin D
86781 Treponema pallidum, confirm
90379 Rsv ig, iv
92569 Acoustic reflex decay test
99185 Regional hypothermia
99186 Total body hypothermia
1127F New episode for condition
1128F Subs episode for condition
0062T Rep intradisc annulus;1 lev
0063T Rep intradisc annulus;>1lev
0064T Spectroscop eval expired gas
0066T Ct colonography;screen
0067T Ct colonography;dx
0068T Interp/rept heart sound
0069T Analysis only heart sound
0070T Interp only heart sound
0077T Cereb therm perfusion probe
0084T Temp prostate urethral stent
0086T L ventricle fill pressure
0087T Sperm eval hyaluronan
0144T CT heart wo dye; qual calc
0145T CT heart w/wo dye funct
0146T CCTA w/wo dye
0147T CCTA w/wo, quan calcium
0148T CCTA w/wo, strxr
0149T CCTA w/wo, strxr quan calc
0150T CCTA w/wo, disease strxr
0151T CT heart funct add-on
0170T Anorectal fistula plug rpr
0194T Procalcitonin (pct)

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