Monday, April 26, 2010

Aneshthsia claim modifiers AA , AD, QK & 23

Anesthesia - Modifiers

One of the following modifiers must be reported with anesthesia services to indicate who performed the anesthesia service:

AA Anesthesia services performed personally by anesthesiologist

AD Medical supervision by a physician: more than four concurrent anesthesia procedures

QK Medically directed by a physician: two, three, or four concurrent procedures

QY Anesthesiologist medically directs one CRNA

QX CRNA service: with medical direction by a physician

QZ CRNA service: without medical direction by a physician

The following modifiers can be reported in the 2nd position under appropriate circumstances in addition to one of the previous anesthesia modifiers:

QS Monitored anesthesia care service

23 Unusual anesthesia

Note: When using modifier 23, appropriate documentation must be submitted with the claim.

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